Sandwich Business Cards

Cards that are made up of three layers are called sandwich business cards. These cards are thick, durable and elegant. You can choose from our wide variety of papers and create an unique appearance for your cards.

To make it more alluring, select different types of papers for all the layers. Add hot foiling and 3D Spot UV to make it more sturdy and vibrant. These cards will take your business to a new heights.


Sandwich Business Cards #0001

  • Elegant appearance
  • Striking first impression
  • Fancy finishing with 3D UV

Thick Business Cards

  • Twice as thick, Twice as impressive.
  • Emphasizing strength and stability. 
  • Solid and exceptional.  

Sandwich Business Cards #0002

  • Premium quality: stylish and strong
  • Choose your own color for the middle layer
  • Increase your print's lifespan

Sandwich Business Cards #0003

  • Foiling adds an elegant look
  • Tear and crease resistant
  • Colored core paper options

Sandwich Business Cards #0004

  • Lamination adds extra layer protection
  • Professional and uniform finish
  • It gives mighty impacts

Sandwich Business Cards #0005

  • Sturdy looks
  • Unique hint of colours
  • Great finishing options

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