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Foil Embossed Business cards

Foil and emboss business cards giving a unique appearance. Foiling is a special way to give your cards an alluring look. Add charm bold color to your card with our special foil stamping. Foiling is a process where pressure from a press along with heated dies are used to add specific foil colors to the cards. Embossing is the process to raise the image and text with a high pressure that will add a new dimension to the object. Adding foil and embossing together to a card will give an eye-catching result and that make your cards to stand out from the crowd.

Day will take to finish this order!

We have design Service. You can choose a design from our template collection or can hire a desiger. Usually 3-4 days will take to finish designing. We will inform order delivery date after design confirmed by user!
Free Delivery in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

Read Before Order

Please note the following things before order


CMYK colour is a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). A subtractive colour model used in the colour printing.

You Must prepare your printing data in CMYK to get better output.


RGB is an additive type of colour that combines the primary colours Red, Green and Blue. This color mainly associated with electronic display, digital cameras, scanners not for printing.

Data prepared in the RGB will leads to colour change in the print. You have to change RGB to CMYK for better result because we only use CMYK data.


We don’t print in Pantone colours.

You have to change Pantone to CMYK for better result because we only use CMYK data.

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