Sandwich Business Cards

Duplex business cards or thick business cards having two layer. You can add two cards together for making an astonished look & feel. Sandwich business cards having three layer cardstock together. You can select papers from our stocks and give a unique appearance on your card selection.

Select different types of papers for all layers and give a captivated looks on your cards. Embellish duplex, thick and sandwich cards with 3D spot UV and hot foil stamping produce sturdy and aesthetic look & feel for more eye-catching impressions.

Sandwich Business Cards #0001

  • Elegant appearance
  • Striking first impression
  • Fancy finishing with 3D UV

Thick Business Cards

  • Twice as thick, Twice as impressive.
  • Emphasizing strength and stability. 
  • Solid and exceptional.  

Sandwich Business Cards #0002

  • Premium quality: stylish and strong
  • Choose your own color for the middle layer
  • Increase your print's lifespan

Sandwich Business Cards #0003

  • Foiling adds an elegant look
  • Tear and crease resistant
  • Colored core paper options

Sandwich Business Cards #0004

  • Lamination adds extra layer protection
  • Professional and uniform finish
  • It gives mighty impacts

Sandwich Business Cards #0005

  • Sturdy looks
  • Unique hint of colours
  • Great finishing options

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