Die Cut Business Cards

Die cut business cards available in different shapes that make a unique look on your card selection. Leaf shape, single round corner shape, round corner shape, horizontal half circle shape, oval shape, hexagon shape,circle shape or even custom shapes based on user’s requirement.

Use dutch ivory, honey comb, conqueror contour brilliant white, ice gold conqueror, corel royal dutch egg shell, kinnari ultra white, cream wove conqueror, contact cream, royal dutch linen, conqueror wove and art matte papers to print your cards. Adding hot foiling and embossing on this kind of cards will create a highly aesthetic look and feel.

Leaf Shape Business Cards

  • Have a leaf shape
  • It creates a dramatic high tech effect
  • Available in variety of colors

Single Round Corner Cards

  • Single round corner card
  • Gives unique style and effect
  • Have stylish look

Round Corner Business Cards

  • Card with four round corner
  • Best dent proof card
  • Sleek & classic appearance

Square Round Corner Cards

  • Round edges finish
  • Compact sizes
  • Full colour printing

Horizontal Half Circle Cards

  • Lasting impression with unique shape
  • Innovative edgy look
  • Extremely versatile & luxury feel

Oval Shape Business Cards

  • Great impression with unusual shapes
  • Eye-popping effects
  • Vibrant colour printing

Hexagon Shape Business Cards

  • Cards with six side
  • Aesthetic appearance & unique shape
  • Attention grabber

Circle Shape Business Cards

  • Enhanced look
  • Eye sighting appearance
  • Astounding impression

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