Colour Business Cards

Share your favorite colours with others while choosing our colour business cards. Spogprint have most stylish and alluring colour business cards like stardream jupiter, stardream bronze, stardream onyx, kraft brown, plike black, plike red and infinity black.

Stardream cards have a shimmering pearlescent effects with metallic finish. Plike cards have a soft touch finish. Adding white ink or white + CMYK while printing colour cards will create captivated look and feel. Giving foiling and embossing on colour card will make an astonished and alluring effects.

Stardream Bronze Business Cards

  • Glistening surface
  • Iconic range of coated paper
  • Dazzling impression

Stardream Onyx Business Cards

  • Classic grey colour
  • Lustrous effects
  • Elegant & alluring effects

Stardream Jupiter Business Cards

  • Shimmering pearlescent effects
  • Metallic finishing
  • Unique & Eye-catching

Kraft Brown Business Cards

  • Traditional & Classic look
  • Uncoated with fiber finish
  • Rustic appearance

Plike Black Business Cards

  • Plastic like surface
  • Uncoated paper with tactile sensation
  • Unique and versatile

Plike Red Business Cards

  • Soft-velvet feel
  • Visually elegant
  • White ink printing gives extra clarity

Infinity Black Business Cards

  • Visually provides good results
  • Provides stylish & more comfort effect
  • 3D spot UV is the perfect solution

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