3D Spot UV Business Cards

3D spot UV have high glossy clear and shiny coating with 20-80 micron thickness. Paper will be laminated before printing to get a proper 3D UV registration on the sheets. It will generate a shiny glimmer in the light and give high raised effects on logo, image and text. 3D spot UV on one side or both side + art matte paper with 120 GSM to 450 GSM thickness brings you extremely versatile and eye-catching 3D spot UV business cards.

3D Spot UV Business Cards #0005

  • Clear and shiny coating
  • Provides stylish & more comfort effect
  • Striking first impression

3D Spot UV Business Cards #0006

  • Scratch resistant & Exceptional touch
  • Resist damage from outdoor elements 
  • Extremely versatile

3D Spot UV Business Cards #0004

  • Raised gloss to text and logo
  • Smooth and sturdy look
  • Visually provides most stunning results

3D Spot UV Business Cards #0003

  • Highly reflective
  • Creative and luxurious finish
  • Eye-catching layer of depth and shine

3D Spot UV Business Cards #0002

  • Delicate soft touch lamination 
  • Foiling adds  brilliant appearance
  • Sparkling visual and tactile contrast

3D Spot UV Business Cards #0001

  • Vibrant look and style
  • Smooth matte lamination
  • Exquisite appearance

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