Accepted Payments having a safe and easy to use online payment system with ADCB bank. You have to pay full amount including 5% VAT + shipping charge to order printing service.

Payment Methods accepting payments with credit cards and debit cards.

1. Credit Cards

    You can use credit card payment with Visa and MasterCard. These two cards are widely accepted all over the world.

2. Debit Cards

    Visa and MasterCard debit cards are also accepted for online payment against your purchase.

Keep the following things in mind while proceed to payment

  1. Do not close or refresh your payment page during payment process . Please be patient to complete the payment, because it will take few seconds to complete the payment. You will get a success message, order confirmation mail after payment completion.
  2. In case if there is any error on the payment due to wrong details entered during payment, you can do payment again from checkout section.

If you are facing continues issue with the payment, please contact us via phone or email in order to solve payment issue. There is nothing to worry about payment process because all process will be done at bank server. We don't have any control over that.  

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